Killer - Film



A cast of Poland s most popular contemporary actors highlights this action comedy, which became the biggest hit in that country s history. Beloved comedy star Jerzy Stuhr and director Juliusz Machulski (Kingsize; Sexmission; Deja Vu) team up again in this entertaining send-up of action films. A hapless taxi driver is mistaken for a contract killer and arrested by police. It all started because the taxi driver s name is Jurek Kiler, and kiler is the word for hitman in Polish. After the mob helps secure his release from jail, Kiler becomes seduced by his new identity. Stuhr stars as the detective determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, while popular actor Cezary Pazura plays Kiler. The big-name cast is rounded out with action star Marek Kondrat and the recognizable faces of Jan Machulski and Jan Englert.

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