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Discover the Tri-city region with

Gdansk In Your Pocket City Guide - Summer 2024

Gdansk In Your Pocket City Guide - Summer 2024

An immersive new premium guidebook for independent travellers.

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Size: 165 x 210mm

Pages: 96

Published: June 2024

ISBN: 9771640359209


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Updated & Redesigned

Written by Pierre - an Australian living in Gdynia since 2019 - Gdańsk In Your Pocket combines a foreigner’s perspective and insider’s knowledge, while maintaining the smart, witty prose style the IYP brand is known for. Now in a larger format and more attractive design, this guidebook has been updated to include all of the best places to visit in Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia and the surrounding region RIGHT NOW.

Allow Editor Pierre to introduce the guide:

What's Inside?

  • INSPIRING FEATURES about essential sights, activities, food culture and local souvenirs help you prioritise your interests and plan your time.

  • WALKING TOURS around the most interesting areas make sure you don’t miss any important sites, while allowing you to choose your own path along the way.

  • LOCAL TIPS ON WHERE TO EAT & DRINK in each area, from the best brunches to the wildest party spots, help you avoid tourist traps and get your money’s worth.

  • FULL TRANSPORT INFO & TRAVEL TIPS give you the confidence to move around on your own and get off the beaten path.

  • DETAILED MAPS ensure you don’t lose your way and can save your phone battery for taking photos.

Explore the Tri-city offline, at your own pace.

We want YOU to experience the same excitement of discovery that we felt over a decade ago when we began OUR adventure in Poland. We also believe that travel opens the door to unforgettable memories, a wider worldview and more compassionate society. Drawing on our years of experience, local knowledge and industry know-how, this guidebook delivers all of the cultural background, insight, inspiration and information you need to explore Gdańsk and the Tri-city region independently, limit your online activity, immerse yourself in your surroundings and have an amazing time.

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Visit to see just how much of the country we cover - from major cities to quiet retreats - and get inspired to explore more of Poland with our local insight and advice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I purchased this book as I am due to visit Gdańsk. It is fabulously informative and has helped me plot my time wisely. It is easily portable and well written. I have no doubt it will be a very useful tool when I am in Gdańsk.

Dina Twing
Perfect Planning Companion!

You need the Poland in Your Pocket guide if you’re planning to visit Gdansk! It is a comprehensive guide to the neighborhoods and highlights you don’t want to miss! It includes an easy to follow walking map through several areas of the city, so you can use your time efficiently. As you follow the map, the guide provides an overview of points of interest, and even suggests places to eat and drink! I learned so much about Gdansk, and on my time - unlike a guided tour with a group! Pick an itinerary (Old Town, the Shipyards, Sopot, Gdynia, etc,) and your day is planned. Even includes tips for using public transportation! Do yourself a favor, and get your hands on this guide for your Tri-City adventure!

Very helpful team

I only found out about the Gdansk in Your Pocket City Guide a few days before I arrived in the city. If I had asked to have it delivered to my address back in the UK it would have for sure arrived after my departure. Monika from Poland in Your Pocket's team was very helpful and arranged to have a copy dropped at the hotel where I'll be staying.

Great guide

This guide has lots of useful information on how to make the most of your trip to Gdańsk. It has articles on history, events or even gifts you can buy for your family or friends.
It helps you to get around the city and shows you the highlights of it!
I really recommend it!