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Poland In Your Pocket

Poznań In Your Pocket City Guide | 2023 Edition

Poznań In Your Pocket City Guide | 2023 Edition

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Discover the best of Poznań with

Poznań In Your Pocket City Guide

Updated for 2023.


Poznań In Your Pocket combines a foreigner’s perspective and insider’s knowledge with the smart, witty writing style the IYP brand is known for. Drawing on our years of experience, local knowledge and industry know-how, this regularly updated guidebook delivers all of the cultural background, insight, inspiration and information you need to explore Poznań independently, limit your online activity, immerse yourself in your surroundings and have an amazing time.

What’s Inside?

  • Detailed maps and walking tours of Poznań’s most exciting neighbourhoods point you to the city’s most important and interesting sites, while ensuring you don’t lose your way and can save your phone battery for taking photos.
  • Seasonal features keep you abreast of the latest local buzz, and in-the-know about what’s on.
  • Cultural articles explain the historical events and figures behind some of Poznań’s main attractions and museums.
  • Local tips on where to eat and drink, from the best brunches to the wildest party spots, help you avoid tourist traps and get your money’s worth. 
  • Full transport info and travel tips give you the confidence to move around on your own and get off the beaten path.


Size: 143 x 210mm

Pages: 76

Published: July 2023

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